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MSCRM 2011: Turning off the Reading Pane in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

One of the great features of the CRM Outlook Client is the ability to use a Reading/Preview pane, just like the Outlook e-mail message preview. Although this Outlook feature is one that is handy, it is often turned off to allow more screen space.For your CRM records within Outlook (particularly on smaller laptop screens) it can make sense to have the Reading Pane off so that you can see many more records in the record view.

With the CRM2011 Outlook client, there is a behaviour that could lead to user frustration. The issue is that the Reading Pane setting is not remembered between Outlook sessions. If you turn off the Reading Pane and close and re-open Outlook, the Reading Pane returns!

Here are some options to work around this behaviour.

1, Temporarily turn off the Reading Pane

This would suit anyone that wants to see more of the records in the view, yet also wants the Reading Pane for normal operation.

From any of the CRM folder views within the Outlook client simply open the ribbon section called ‘View’ and set the Reading Pane option to ‘Off’.

You can easily turn the Reading Pane back on. Restarting Outlook returns the Reading Pane to the CRM server default (see next option).

2, Set the global (system wide) options from the CRM Server settings

If there is requirement to turn off the Reading Pane for all CRM users, this can be set on a per entity basis on the CRM Server

In CRM, go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System.

  • Select the Main Entity Properties page and scroll to the bottom of the General Tab. Uncheck the ‘Reading pane in CRM for Outlook’ option.
  • Save and Publish the Entity
Entity Editor

Edit the Entity in the customisations area

Note the control is at the bottom of the entity edit form! Scroll down.

3, Per user, disable the Reading Pane for Outlook

This option is useful for people that want to have the Reading pane off by default (like myself).

The good news:

  • The Reading Pane is off when Outlook starts
  • The Reading Pane can be turned on anytime you want to use it. Note that this restores the Reading Pane everywhere within Outlook. So if you choose to enable the Reading Pane in an e-mail folder, it will return to the CRM folders e.g. Accounts.
  • Restarting Outlook clears (turns off) the Reading Pane again.
  • Outlook navigation and loading is faster
  • Fully Microsoft supported
  • Does not require registry changes or advanced configuration

The Bad news

  • The Reading Pane is off everywhere in Outlook. Not just the CRM folders!

To set the default Reading Pane setting to OFF in Outlook

  • Open the folder that contains OUTLOOK.EXE in Windows Explorer.
  • Drag and drop OUTLOOK.EXE from its folder to the Programs folder inside the start menu folder. For Windows 7 users, dragging to the Windows button pins the shortcut to the Start Menu.
  • Double-click the Programs folder to which you have just dragged Outlook.
  • Right-Click on the OUTLOOK shortcut.
  • Select Properties from the menu.
  • Go to the Shortcut tab.
  • Append ” /nopreview” (without the quotation marks) to what is in the Target: field. Also note the space before the /.
  • For example; If the Target: field contains

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE”

Make sure it reads;

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE” /nopreview

after editing.

  • For Windows 7 users, drag this new shortcut to the Taskbar to pin it.

Now open Outlook using the new shortcut and the Reading Pane will be off for the CRM folders (and everywhere else in Outlook).

Thanks to CRMDK for this hint: