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CRM 2011 Form Selector is hidden within the Navigator

I regularly see this interface design flaw. If someone knows a different method to fix this that does not require customization permissions, please feel free to let me know! Otherwise, until this is fixed, my advice would be to avoid unchecking the form display feature called Show Navigator Items.

One really great feature of CRM is the ability to have different entity forms for different CRM users (based on security role). At its simplest I use this feature to leave the out-of-box information screen as default.

There is a glitch where a CRM user could select a form that has no navigator items showing, then – that’s it! They are stuck on that form. They cannot use the navigator to select a different form. This is poor design and should not happen. If multiple forms are on offer to CRM users, then they have to be able to select them as needed.

Feel free to vote to fix this on the Microsoft Dynamics Suggestions site; (requires windows login account)


A business manager opens an Account record and decides to view the custom created form called Account View – Managers;

Select Form

CRM 2011 Form Selector

Notice that all the navigator items are available on the current Information form.

After selecting the Account View – Managers form, the navigator has now been hidden;

Navigator Hidden

Now the manager wants to return to the Sales Form to enter some sales information that they have learned. Oops. There is no way back!

Another cool thing about CRM 2011 is that the Outlook Client remembers the users last forms and views etc. Unfortunately this means that you cannot restart Outlook to resolve this.

The Fix

For someone with customization permissions the fix is easy.

Customize the form and select Form Properties;

Customize Form

Select the Display Tab and check the Show Navigator Items check box.

Show Navigator Items

Save and Publish the form. Note that this will be system wide and affect all CRM users.

Save and Publish

Now when the manager re-opens the Account form, the navigator is restored;

Navigator Returns

At this point you can reverse the setting and hide the navigator, but I wouldn’t….