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CRM Usergroup – How to Manage an Account

Now that we have started the Christchurch CRM User group, a number of members have contacted me saying that they were not getting the regular meeting invites, agenda’s and reminders, even though they had registered for previous meetings.

We really want members to get these messages automatically and to be able to plan the meeting ahead of time, particularly if the meeting night changes for any reason.  In the case of our group, it is typically the first Wednesday in the month – but this may not always be the case.

To ensure that you get the automated invites and reminders you need to create a MS communities account (sorry, another login and password) and assign your MS Communities account to the groups of interest to you. Once you have done this you will get the invites every month.  The good news is that you can easily register for a meeting directly from the invite e-mail without needing to login.

Step 1, Create an Account

Navigate to the Communities page:

Or the Christchurch CRM user group page:

In both cases click the “Join Us” button or “Sign In”:

Step 2, Join the group

Once your account has been created and you have logged in, navigate to ‘Groups’ or press ‘Find a User Group’. Currently the Christchurch CRM user group is on page 3!

The interesting thing here is that it is not that intuitive as to what to do to add a group to your listing. Sure there is a message on the screen but I missed it for a while. It is not that hard once you know how, right-click on the group of interest and select  ‘Join the Group’;

Once you have joined, the right-click options change and allow you to manage your membership:

You will also see a summary of the Groups that you belong to on your Profile page.

Now you should get the invites and updates from the user group/s that you are a member of.

Please make sure that for each month you register for the meetings that you wish to attend. It really helps with catering…

See you at the meetings.